2020 Golden Rat Piggy Bank

Welcome to collect free 2020 Golden Rat Piggy Bank at our temple.

As the Chinese saying goes: "年年有余". It symbolize having surplus such as wealth,food and clothing as well as happiness every year.

Exercise your compassion and generosity in your daily life by saving your little surplus in the piggy bank.  Donate them back to the temple before the next Lunar New Year to cultivate your merits, spirit of giving and offer your support to the temple.

So let us bring forth our  resolve upon Bodhi and accumulate good merits for ourselves.

At the same time, we wish everyone a blessed and auspicious new year.

Please come down personally for collection:
Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Centre, 39 Lor 12 Geylang, S(399012)
Tel : 6746 6211
SMS/WhatsApp: 8142 1255
(Opening hours 8am - 5pm except Thur 8am - 1pm)