The Ullambana

11.09.2020 (Friday), 8.30am to 9.00pm

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Remembering Our Loved Ones, repay the 4 Kindness on top, save the 3 Sufferings below...

The Origin of Grand Ullambana Festival Memorial Service
According to Ullambana sutra: one of the chief disciples of Śākyamuni Buddha, Mahāmaudgalyāyana using his supernatural power saw that his mother was suffering in hungry ghost realm. He was unable to help and the Buddha advised him to make offering to Sangha on the 15th day of Lunar 7th month. As a result of Maudgalayana’s offering , his mother was released from the hungry ghost realm. Hence thereafter on every 15th day of Lunar 7th month is known as Ullambana Festival, Buddhist devotees may transfer the ultimate merits of Buddha and Sangha’s offering to their departed one.

Pu Ji Si BRC will be organizing Grand Ullambana Festival Memorial Service for devotees to express their gratitude to their ancestors, parents, teachers and loved ones for their kindness, and to relieve them and all sentient beings of the three lower realms from suffering and to be born in the Sukhavati Pure land.


The Ullambana 2020

Date: 11.09.2020 (Friday)
Location: Pu Ji Si BRC 1st floor & 2nd floor main hall

8.30am  : Puja and Cleansing Ritual
9.30am  : Confession Sutra Recitation of Vol 1 “San Mei Shui Chan”
11.15am  : Offering to Buddhas
12.00pm : Vegetarian Lunch for all
2.00pm  : Confession Sutra Recitation of Vol 2 ”San Mei Shui Chan”
4.00pm  : Confession Sutra Recitation of Vol 3 ”San Mei Shui Chan”
5.30pm  : Offering to Pretas
9.00pm : End of Ritual

*** All are welcome to participate the ceremony ***


Prayer selectionDedicationAmount
The Wondrous Happiness
of Stillness
1 Ancestor's Surname + 4 Names$200
The Rejoicing Happiness of the Western Paradise 
1 Ancestor's Surname + 2 Names$120
The Perfect Tranquility Tablets
One Ancestor’s
Surname or 1 name
Personal pass parents,
teachers, debtors
1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)
Wandering souls
1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)$30
Still born/aborted beings1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)$30
Offering Sundry items1 set$30
Offering Paper Treasure Chest1 set$30

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Offering ItemsDedicationAmount
Offering DanaPer Family (Max 10 Names)$100
Offering DanaPer Name$10
Offering LampPer Name$5
Offering IncensePer Name$5
Offering FlowerPer Name$5

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