Since the establishment of Pu Ji Si Buddhist Research Centre back in 1949, the Centre has been doing our utmost in promoting Buddhist culture and education, and spares no efforts in achieving our Mission of propagating Buddhism to inculcate good spiritual, moral and intellectual development of our devotees.

Over the years, besides running our regular chanting and puja events, we have introduced new activities to cater to the needs of our devotees and the public, such as Dharma talks by respectable venerables, free English Dharma lessons, free Meditation classes and free Origin-Point Therapy to benefit our devotees.

With the increased activities, along with our aging building and equipment, the Centre saw the need to repair, renew or upgrade some of the facilities to meet the needs of our operation. In addition, with the increasing operation costs we feel in straitened circumstances. As the saying goes, “A workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well”, hence adequate funding is one important tool for our Centre to achieve our Mission.

Support us now, by giving to help us do better in promoting and spreading good Buddhist culture and education further. Your support will be highly appreciated and we look forward to hear good news from you. Thank you!