Centre Facilities

Our centre is a vibrant and modern 5-story building, fitted with handicap-friendly facilities such as ramps and lifts to enable psychically challenged and aged visitors to enter the centre premises seamlessly, from basement to carpark to rooftop garden, without much difficulty. There is even a wheelchair ramp for visitors who need the aid of a wheelchair, to reach the main prayer hall directly.

5th Floor

Rooftop garden / 8 bodhisattva / 18 Arahats / Wishing Fountain / Pagoda

This is where the rooftop garden is situated. More »

4th Floor

Dharma Centre / Multi-Purposes Hall / Volunteer Office / Classroom

The Darma education centre is located at the 4th floor of the building. More »

3th Floor

Multi-Purpose Room / Conference Room

Meeting rooms, Audio and video control room, Multi-Purpose room. More »


2nd Floor

The Three Great Saints Main Prayer Hall / Inner Dipa Hall or Hall of Medicine Buddha

Located at the center of the Main Prayer Hall is the white jade statue of Buddha. More »

1st Floor

Front Office / Office / Guest Lounge / Memorial

This is where the Building Office, Member Lounge and Ancestral / Memorial Hall are found. More »



There are several carpark lots for visitors who drive. More »