Reciting 1080 Times "Dharani for rooting out Karmic Obstructions and for being reborn in the pure land"

12.09.2021 (Sunday), 8:30am to 5:00pm

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Rebirth Mantra is also known as "Dharani for rooting out Karmic Obstructions and for being reborn in the pure land".The Rebirth Mantra is a teaching of the Secret School in the Mahayana teaching. This mantra (dharani) is to help those who have very heavy and very deep rooted karmic obstacles. Shakyamuni Buddha introduced and taught us this supreme dharani to pull out our karmic obstacles by the roots.

The Rebirth Mantra contains the 4 bodies of Amitabha Buddha:
i) Amitabha Buddha's Wisdom Body
ii) Amitabha Buddha's Merit and Virtue Body
iii) Amitabha Buddha's Response and Transformation Body
iv) Amitabha Buddha's Thus, Thus Dharma Body.

All the 4 bodies of the Amitabha Buddha will bless the good man and good woman who recites this mantra with a pure mind. Amitabha's vast merits and virtue are all contained within this mantra. How inconceivable!

If we can recite this mantra with a single minded mind, we can eradicate the 5 rebellious acts and 10 evil offences.



Reciting 1080 Times "Dharani for rooting out Karmic Obstructions and for being reborn in the pure land"

Date and Time: 12.09.2021 (Sunday) 9:00am to 5:00pm
Location : Pu Ji Si BRC 2nd Floor Main Shrine

08:30am   -  Reciting 250 times of the Mantra (1st Session)
10:00am   -  Reciting 250 times of the Mantra (2nd Session)
11:00am   -  Offering to the Buddha
12:00pm   -  Vegetarian Lunch
01:00pm   -  Dharma Talk
02:00pm   -  Reciting 380 times of the Mantra (3rd  Session)
03:30pm   -  Reciting 200 times of the Mantra (4th Session)
04:45pm   -  Transference of Merits-Blessing
05.00pm   -  End of Session




Lead by : Ven. Seek Huat Tat (Abbot of Pu Ji Si BRC)

*** All are welcome to participate the celebration ***

Prayer / OfferingsDedicationAmount
Blessing & Longevity1 Company + Per Family (Max 9 Names)$100
AuspiciousnessPer Family (Max 4 Names)$60
Dispel CalamityPer Family (Max 2 Names)$30
Positive Relationship with OthersPer Name$10
The Assembly of Reinvigoration
One Ancestor’s
Surname or 1 name
Personal pass parents,
teachers, debtors
1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)
Wandering souls
1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)$10
Still born/aborted beings1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)$10
Offering DanaPer Family (Max 10 Names)$100
Offering DanaPer Name$10
Offering LampPer Name$5
Offering IncensePer Name$5
Offering FlowerPer Name$5

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