108 Times "The Great Compassion Dharani" Recitation
01.01.2023 (Sun), 8:00am to 5:00pm
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“The Great Compassion Dharani”

The Great Compassion Dharani has been spoken by previous 9.9 billion Buddhas. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva received the teaching of this Dharani from Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of Thousand Lights, and gained immediate supreme power of understanding. Avalokitesvara then vowed to assist all Buddhas to propagate the Dharma and to work unceasingly to end the suffering of all sentient beings. Avalokitesvara, as a true Englightened One, also vowed to deliberately postpone her own Buddhahood in order to help others and to show them the way to Nirvana. This vow transformed the holy Avalokitesvara’s body into the form of thousand hands and thousand eyes.

Protection by Devas and Deities

If you recite the Great Compassion Dharani Mantra 108 times without fail, the heaven quakes and the earth trembles as the mantra penetrates, and the ten kings of Yama court will be delighted. Reciting the Great Compassion Dharani Mantra can also relieve living beings from Eighty Four Thousand kinds of sufferings due to their karmic hindrances and cure illnesses. Devas and deities will be dispatched by Avalokitesvara to protect meditators and cultivators of the Dharma. All wishes will be granted for those who seek blessing from the Buddhas after 21 days of fasting and observing of precepts.

108 Times Recitation of The Great Compassion

On this beginning of the New Year, we sincerely invites all Buddhist in
in Singapore to join us for the 108 times recitation of The Great Compassion Dharani ceremony. During this ceremony you will create good merits and positive energy benefiting Singapore and the whole world. It will also help
to dispel calamities and to free people of the world from all natural disasters and diseases, so that prosperity in all aspects can be achieved and enjoyed.

108 times "The Great Compassion Dharani" Recitation

Date: 01.01.2023, Sunday
Location: Pu Ji Si BRC 2nd floor main hall

08:00am - Reciting of The Great Compassion Dharani -1st Session
11:00am - Offering to Buddha
12:00pm - Vegetarian lunch for all
01:30pm - Reciting of The Great Compassion Dharani - 2nd Session
04:30pm - Transference of Merits - Blessings
05:00pm - End of session

*** All are welcome to participate ***


Prayer / OfferingsDedicationAmount
Blessing & Longevity1 Company + Per Family (Max 9 Names)$100
AuspiciousnessPer Family (Max 4 Names)$60
Dispel CalamityPer Family (Max 2 Names)$30
Positive Relationship with OthersPer Name$10
The Assembly of Reinvigoration
One Ancestor’s
Surname or 1 name
Personal pass parents,
teachers, debtors
1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)
Wandering souls
1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)$10
Still born/aborted beings1 name (Transfer the ultimate merit)$10
Offering DanaPer Family (Max 10 Names)$100
Offering DanaPer Name$10
Offering LampPer Name$5
Offering IncensePer Name$5
Offering FlowerPer Name$5
Hanging of "Guan Yin Bodhisattva" Image
Per Family (Max 2 Names)$40
Hanging of "Guan Yin Bodhisattva" Image
Per Name$10

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