Memorial Hall

1.   Application for new tablet registration is available for donors and members of the public. Please submit your application to our Admin Office for approval. New tablets are classified into the following category:

•  Type A (S$4800) : 13cm x 30cm (W x H)

Option 1 :     Ancestor's surname + 1 to 4 names (no photograph)

Option 2 :     1 to 6 names (no photograph)

•  Type B (S$3500) : 10cm x 23cm (W x H)

Option 1 :     Ancestor's surname + 1 to 2 names (no photograph)

Option 2 :     1 to 4 names (no photograph)

2.   All of our tablet are exquisitely design to be fire resistant and durable. Individual ancestor's tablet has their own tablet LED light (24hrs) and computerized tablet location search.

3.   All subscribers are to abide to the terms and conditions set by the management. Written approval for cancellations and terminations is required. Please refer to our detail terms and conditions printed on the application form for reference.

4.   Annual administration and management fee:

•  For 1 Ancestor’s tablet : S$40/annum, 2 tablets and above S$75/annum (registered under the same subscriber).

•  Chanting service by Sangha for the deceased on every 1st & 15th of the lunar month.

•  24 hours lights on for the ancestor’s LED light.

•  Monthly cleaning and daily offering of incense

•  Administration and Management service.

Please contact our Admin Office if you have any queries or drop by our temple for further discussion.
Tel : 6746 6211 (Daily 8am - 5pm except Thursday 8am - 1pm) Address : 39 Lorong 12 Geylang, S(399012).