Basic Buddhism Course (New Edition)

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  • Designed and tailored to suit the fast-paced and modern lifestyle
  • Provides a strong basics for understanding of Buddha’s Teachings
  • Good foundation of mental development for both beginners and longtime practitioners
  • Location : Pu Ji Si BRC 4th floor multi-purpose hall
  • Date : Commencing on 22.08.2021 (Every Sunday)
  • Time:  9:00am - 3:30pm
  • No of Participants:  50 pax    
  • Free of Charge   

The 20-lesson comprehensive course covers:

Buddhist Fundamentals

Define Evil, Good and Pure  |  Life of the Buddha  |  Four Noble Truths  |  Noble Eight-Fold Path  |  Dependent Origination  |  Karma & Rebirth  |  Four Foundations of Mindfulness  |  Thirty-One Realms of Existence  |  Etc.

Buddhist Meditation

Mindfulness of Breathing  |  Loving Kindness

Pali Chanting

Offering of Light, Flowers & Incense  |  Metta Sutta

Instructor : Vajiro Richard Chia          |          Advisor : Venerable Seek Huat Tat