Thousand-Buddhas Blessing Ceremony

15.12.2024 (Sunday), 8:00am to 5:00pm

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According to the “Golden Light Sutra”, the Offering to Buddhas and Celestial Beings Dharma Function provides devotees an opportunity to make an offering to the Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha as well as the Celestial Beings by way of a banquet.

In order to thank the Celestial Beings for their protection of the Triple Gem, the temple is organising the "Thousand Buddhas Blessing Ceremony" so that the Celestial Beings may receive the offerings of incense, flowers, fruits and food.

Come join us on this special occasion to pay reverence and offerings to the Thousand Buddhas and Celestial beings so as to receive blessings of well-being and longevity and be liberated from our karmic sufferings.

Thousand-Buddhas Blessing Ceremony

Date & Time: 15.12.2024, 8:00am to 5:00pm

8.00am : Offering of Dana to All Heavenly Devas
9.30am : Pay Homage to Thousand-Buddhas--200
11.00am : Pay Homage to Thousand-Buddhas--200
12.00pm : Vegetarian Lunch
1.30pm : Pay Homage to Thousand-Buddhas--300
3.00pm : Pay Homage to Thousand-Buddhas--300
4.30pm : Transference of Merits-Blessing
5.00pm : End of Ceremony

**All are welcome to participate the blessing ceremony**

Offering ItemsDedicationAmount
Meritorious Master SponsorPer Family (Max 2 Names) + 12 family members$1000
2nd Meritorious Master SponsorPer Family (Max 2 Names) + 12 family members$500
Auspicious Meritorious SponsorPer Family (Max 2 Names) + 12 family members$300
Gratify Meritorious SponsorPer Family (Max 2 Names) + 12 family members$200
Fortune Meritorious SponsorPer Family (Max 2 Names) + 12 family members$100
Offering LampPer Family (Max 2 Names)$50
Sponsorship of Sundry ItemsPer Name$10
Million Wishes BenedictionPer Name$10
Offering DanaPer Family (Max 10 Names)$100
Offering DanaPer Name$10
Offering IncensePer Name$5
Offering FlowerPer Name$5

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